we english



opening: January, Wednesday 6th 2013, 6.30 pm

WE ENGLISH text by Claudio Composti

Simon Roberts is a British photographer born in 1974, which has already won numerous awards and has exposed in important international museums. With the project “We English”, Simon returns to a project about identity, which follows the prevoius project “Motherland” (that had brought him to Russia). But this time, really, Simon does a ride in his “Earth Mother” ‘s, England. The sense of belonging to his culture is looked up in the story, through his shots, the customs of the English in their spare time. In “We English” we recognize a kind of “Britishness”,with a “pictorial cut”, which recalls representations of middle-class communities at rest, of late nineteenth-century taste, as in the Seurat’s paintings “La Grande Jatte” (1884) or “La Baignade à Asnière”(1883).

A country with old and strong traditions, which makes evident the close relationship between Man and Nature in which lives and prolifics. Research that makes Simon Roberts not only a photographer, but a careful and sophisticated “visual anthropologist”, which uses images to tell us about social rituals of ENGLISH. Maybe, of the Human Being



In collaboration with  MC2 Gallery, Milano – Italy